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indonesia love stories

A brilliant young lawyer visiting his father, a senior lawyer who is highly respected by law enforcement."But I come not as a son," said the young lawyer, "I come here as a young lawyer who wanted to uphold justice in this country is in turmoil."

Old lawyer who was bearded and graying beard, was not surprised. He looked at his son from his wheelchair, and then replied in a voice calm and majestic.
"What would you like about, young man?"The young lawyer was stunned. "My father asked me?""Yes, to you, not as my son, but you as the endspearhead the search for justice in the country is being torn apart by corruption. "The young lawyer smiled."Well, then, you know what I mean."
"Of course. I also once young like you. And I'm also willing, if need be insolent. I separate between family matters and personal interests with the struggle for justice. Unlike most lawyers are now trading. In fact, unlike the elites and intellectuals brilliant when he was out of power, but became more savage and cruel as the opportunity to trample justice and truth that once diberhalakannya. You must not be too far from my situation when I was young. You've read my resume recently written in an overseas campus is not it? They called Hungry Lion. I do not ever stop chasing thieves who lodged in the justice institutions and high-rise buildings. It is they who have created a culture of crime in this country. You can learn a lot of the book. "
The young lawyer smiled. She lifted her chin, trying to look like a warrior for justice who is now a toothless tiger that, although the remnants of valor is still felt.
"I did not come to oppose or compliment you. You with all your history is too large to be discussed. Although not free from criticism. I have a series of corrections to the policies that you have done. And I was too small to oppose even the not too worthy of praise. you already do not require censure or praise again. Because you're not the only justice that is clean, you are always successful and perfect, but you also is justice itself. "
The old lawyer grimaced."I like you said yourself you were me and call me. That means we can talk seriously as a professional, Justice Hunters.""It all did not escape the results gemblenganmu unforgiving!"The old lawyer laughed."You have started again with glory compliment!" pieces of an old lawyer.Young lawyers by surprise. He realized the mistake and apologize.
"Never mind. Do not subsided. Tell me what you say," continued the old lawyer calm, as he raised his hand, enjoying the praise as well, "do not limit yourself. Do not kill yourself with descriptions, descriptions of which will trap you into a doctrine doctrine-frozen, naturally flowing Just like spring, like the voice of nature, because you really needed by this nation. "
The young lawyer was silent for a long time to formulate itself. Then he continued his speech with a more calm.
"I came here to hear your voice. I want a dialogue.""Good. Begin. Speak freely."
"Thank you. Here. Not long ago I was assigned to defend the country a great villain, who rightly receive the death penalty. The family came happily to my house to express happiness, that ultimately the state's only fair, since it provides a first class advocate for the them. But I reject outright. Why? Because I'm sure, the state does not actually commissioned me to defend him. State just wanted to show a spectacular theater, that in a very deplorable state law, there have been a new awakening. Criminals of the most cruel, was given a mighty defender like Mike Tyson, it's not istilahku, I borrow from what's on sale in the newspaper observers justice for all football-terjangku, because I always managed to win all the cases that I handle.
I want to say no to the state, because the search for justice should not be a theater, but the quest for justice is absolute only if necessary danbeku cold. But it also urged the state continues to work with a variety of ways that I receive. There I began to think. There's no way all that for no reason. Then I did an in-depth investigations and find facts. As a result, conclusion, the state has played a charade. State wants to show to the people and the world, that evil is defended by anyone, still evil. If the state continues to throw the bastard was up to the last point penalty by firing squad, despite being defended by the defense as I am, then the state will get a double victory, for victory is a landslide victory and must be clean, because I was a guarantee. I want to make the country as a loser. And that's what I'm about.
Countries should believe that justice can not be with the other net equity, as you've done so far. "
The young lawyer paused to allow time for the senior lawyer's attention. Then he went on.
"But I did not come here to ask for your consideration, whether the decision to reject it right or not. I came here after the state accepted the refusal, the bastard came to the place kediamanku and respectfully request that I may be willing to defend it."
"Then you accept?" The old lawyer cut suddenly.The young lawyer was surprised. He looked at the old lawyer with wonder."How do you know?"
Old lawyer stroked his beard and raising his eyes to see into the distance. Just for a moment, but as if he had to wade through the thousands of kilometers. With a sigh, then he said: "For I know who you are."
Young lawyers now take a deep breath."Yes I accept it, because I'm a professional. As a lawyer I can not refuse any person who requested that I perform my duty as a defender. As a defense attorney, I serve those who need my expertise to assist courts exercise the judicial process in order to reach a fair decision as possible. "
Old lawyer nodded his head in understanding."So that's what you want to ask?""Among other things.""Then you've got my answer."The young lawyer was stunned. He stared, trying to find out what's in the old man's heart."So my steps are correct?"The old man stroked his beard again.
"Do not question the truth. But you have shown yourself as a professional. Do you reject the offer, because behind the offer was not only no attempt at pursuit of truth and justice as you pursue the profession as a lawyer, but there was no purpose political ends. However, the same offer of a criminal, even a good thank you, no matter who that person was shot dead deserve, because as a professional you can not refuse those who ask for you to defend the practices of the gross court to finding the most appropriate justice. Originally it was completed without threat and without bribe money! You do not defend it because of fear, is not it? ""No. Absolutely not!""Not because of money?""No!""And for what?"The young lawyer smiled."For I will defend it.""So he win?"
"There is no victory in the hunt for justice. There's only attempt to approximate what is more correct. Because the real truth, the truth is that most likely only our dreams that will never be achieved. Lose-win is not a problem anymore. Effort to pursue that most important. For the glory of that, I take it as my client. "Pensive old lawyer."What is my answer wrong?"The old man shook his head.
"As you say, wrong or right is also not a problem. Only be possible if you defend him, you would work out as winners."
"Do not underestimate the prosecutors are appointed by the state. I heard a very strong team will be deployed."
"But you will win.""Just his case has not been started, how do you know I'll win."
"For years I lived as a lawyer. Decision can be read even if the trial has not started. Not because the material of this matter, but because of side issues. You're too big to lose now."
The young lawyer laughed a little."That's a compliment or a warning?""Praise.""As long as you are honest.""I'm honest.""Really?""Yes!"
The young lawyer smiled and nodded. Squinting old and started shooting again."But you accept the defense of criminals, not because of fear, is not it?"
"I am not necessarily afraid Why?""They do not threaten you?""Threatening to do?""The amount of money that is too large, in the end also is a threat. He gave no figures?"
"No."The old lawyer was surprised."There is absolutely no talk about how they will pay you?""No.""Wow! That's not professional!"The young lawyer laughed."I never trouble making money from people!""But what if he's to win?"The young lawyer was silent."What if he's to win?""The state will get an important lesson. Do not mess with the evil!""So you're going to win the case?"The young lawyer did not answer."That means yes!""Yes. I'm going to win it and I'll win!"
The parents were shocked. He leaned his body lay. His hands caress his chest. When the youth was about to speak again, he raised his hand.
"Do not you repeat again, that ye do it not because of fear, not because you bribed.""Yes. He asked for help, without threats and without a bribe. I'm not afraid."
"And you accept, without hope of getting back behind the protection of future services or if you need, nor is it because you want to pursue publication and stars award from humanitarian organizations in foreign countries who hate your country, is not it?"
"Yes.""Then, go home young. No need you hesitate.
Decision was correct. Enforcing the law is always beset by numerous allegations, as if you already have a purpose beyond the pursuit of justice and truth. But all of undermining it would only add a compliment to you later, if you can keep listening to your conscience as a professional law enforcement. "
The young lawyer wanted to answer, but the old lawyer did not give a chance."I think there's nothing to discuss anymore. It's obvious. You better go home now. Let me see my son, because I've been longing for him."
The young lawyer was so very touched. He stood up to hug his father. But the old man raised his hand and warned in a voice hoarse. Seems to have tired and in pain.
"Go home now. Carry out your duties as a professional.""But ..."
The old lawyer closed her eyes and leaned back in his chair. A beautiful secretary, then covered her body. After that she turned to a young lawyer."Sorry, I think the meeting should end here, sir. He needs lots of rest. Good night."
Whether due to yield the smile on the lips of a woman who has very beautiful eyes, the young lawyer could no longer resist. He looked once more the old man with all respect and love. Then he put his mouth to her ear, his voice so not to wake the old man and whispered.
"Tell your father, that the evidence collected by the state was too small and weak. Justice is too hasty. I will win this case and that means it will free up asshole who feared and condemned by all the people in this country to fly off back as a bird in the air. And hopefully it will make our country is becoming more mature as soon as possible. If not, we would be remiss nation. "
What prompted the young lawyer became a reality. He brilliantly and easily defeating the state in court and the king returned memerdekaan criminals. Bastard chuckling. He celebrated his victory with fireworks all night long, then jump to other countries, can not be touched again. The people were angry. They burned and flowed like hot lava into the street, rushed with yells and giant posters. The courthouse was attacked and burned. The judge rushed. The young lawyer was kidnapped, tortured and finally just returned after a corpse. But that was not enough. The people kept roaring and trying to overthrow the legitimate government.
Terpagut old lawyer in his wheelchair. While the secretary read the news jelitanya malignancy spread across the country with a soft voice, tears streaming down her cheeks the great lawyer.
"When you come as a brilliant young lawyer and asked me to speak as a professional, my son," she moaned with great sadness, "I kept opening the door and expect you to come back to me as a son. Did not I remind you, I miss my son. Have you forgotten that you are not only a professional, but also a son of your father. not willing is what you hear the word of a father to his son, when confronted with a case, where a large criminal justice liberated to ignite people like the disaster that hit our country now this? " ***

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